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Platinum LED Therapy Lights Reviews – A Scientifically Proven Therapy

Platinum LED BioMax red light therapy devices can increase your immune system, protect against aging, increase hair growth, and other wellness and health benefits.

Overview of Platinum LED Therapy Lights

PlatinumLED launched in 2010. Since then, the Hawaii-based company has become an “industry leader in designing and manufacturing” high-efficiency light panels.

It began with the grow lights, which assist in plant growth. This series of lights include the PlatinumLED p600 and PlatinumLED p300.

The brand has since expanded and started manufacturing therapy lights. So, you’re probably wondering, how does LED light therapy work? Well, the method helps stimulate your body’s cellular regeneration. It also helps improve circulation throughout your body.

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As said above, the PlatinumLED red therapy lights can help treat wrinkles, skin disorders, and acne, and the stronger near-infrared lights help with muscle recovery and inflammation. They can even help with teeth alignment!

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of LED light therapy, the brand offers a helpful blog. Here, you’ll find articles on how red light therapy can help cold sores, rosacea, and more.

Why Do We Need Platinum LED Therapy Lights?

Red light therapy (RLT) is a controversial therapeutic technique that uses red low-level wavelengths of light to treat skin issues, such as wrinkles, scars, and persistent wounds, among other conditions.

Platinum LED Therapy Lights

Platinum LED Therapy Lights

In the early 1990s, RLT was used by scientists to help grow plants in space. The scientists found that the intense light from red light-emitting diodes (LEDs) helped promote the growth and photosynthesis of plant cells.

The red light was then studied for its potential application in medicine, more specifically to find out if RLT could increase energy inside human cells.

The researchers hoped that RLT could be an effective way to treat muscle atrophy, slow wound healing, and bone density issues caused by weightlessness during space travel.

Additional clinical research is needed to prove that RLT is effective. At the moment, however, there’s some evidence to suggest that RLT may have the following benefits:

  • Promotes wound healing and tissue repair
  • Improves hair growth in people with androgenic alopecia
  • Help for the short-term treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Stimulates healing of slow-healing wounds, like diabetic foot ulcers
  • Reduces psoriasis lesions
  • Aids with short-term relief of pain and morning stiffness in people with rheumatoid arthritis
  • Reduces some of the side effects of cancer treatments and oral mucositis
  • Improves skin complexion and builds collagen to diminish wrinkles
  • Helps to mend sun damage
  • Prevents recurring cold sores from herpes simplex virus infections
  • Improves the health of joints in people with degenerative osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Helps diminish scars
  • Relieves pain and inflammation in people with pain in the Achilles’ tendons

How Do Platinum LED Therapy Lights Work?

Platinum Led Therapy Lights

Platinum Led Therapy Lights

When delivered within the optimal wavelengths and energy levels, red and near-infrared light protect your body’s cells from nitric oxide damage, which can otherwise stop the cell’s production of ATP when you’re stressed or ill.

Red light photons allow your cells to continue utilizing oxygen effectively by minimizing the absorption of nitric oxide. Only red light therapy can reach all the way into a cell’s mitochondria to stimulate healing and regeneration to help improve your appearance, performance, and overall well-being.

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Platinum Led Therapy Lights Work Principle

Platinum Led Therapy Lights is not only specified for skin disorders and infections because they can be more effective in several other health complications.

It is important to be known which principles or rules this therapy is based on, because this will let everyone efficient, work and the results of Red light therapy. Infrared light is used in this therapy that has greater wavelength and mass intensity. In Western countries, physicians.

mostly use this therapy to treat sleep disorders, mental stress, and other infections. The principle of red light therapy is a little specific because it totally differs from other color therapies applied to the human body.

Observation Under An Electron Microscope

Observation Under An Electron Microscope

Benefits of Platinum LED Therapy Lights



Stimulates stem cells in the hair follicle to encourage active growth



Reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars



Strengthens hair and improves skin elasticity



Dilates blood vessels for increased flow

red light


Stimulates mitochondria and stem cells for faster recovery



Soothes sore muscles, joint pain, and arthritis



May stimulate the brain’s pineal gland



Reduces muscle spasms and increases blood flow

Science and Studies Behind R+ and NIR+

Our patent-pending R+|NIR+ spectrum, exclusive to all PlatinumLED BIOMAX lights, achieves a perfected blend of 5 different wavelengths of light that offers therapeutic benefits for a wide array of applications and deeper penetration for maximum results.

Extensive scientific studies confirm that this helps create the most advanced and powerful LED therapy light ever designed.

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Why Platinum Led Therapy Lights Are Superior?

Our lights emit more irradiance (the output of an LED therapy light) than any other LED therapy light currently on the market.

Only PlatinumLED Therapy Lights can promise deeper red light and near-infrared light penetration than any other light is capable of achieving.



In addition to superior output strength, only PlatinumLED offers a highly advanced, patent-pending R+|NIR+ multi-wave spectrum comprised of five independent and highly studied bands of light. What does all this give you? RESULTS – that only PlatinumLED can deliver.

Platinum LED BioMax Products

Platinum LED BioMax Products include 4 different sized models for purchase:

  • BIOMAX 300 (19” x 9” x 3”): $569 ($52 per month)
  • BIOMAX 450 (19” x 12” x 3”): $649 ($59 per month)
  • BIOMAX 600 (36” x 9” x 3”): $899 ($82 per month)
  • BIOMAX 900 (36” x 12” x 3”): $1149 ($104 per month)
storefront-biomax-300 storefront-biomax-450 storefront-biomax-600 storefront-biomax-900
Product Specifications BIOMAX 300 BIOMAX 450 BIOMAX 600 BIOMAX 900
LED Power Class 300w 450w 600w 900w
Dimensions 19″x9″x3″ 19″x 12″x3″ 36″x9″x3″ 36″x12″x3″
Power Consumption 157w
Amps @110v: 1.43A
Amps @220v: 0.71A
Amps @110v: 2.17A
Amps @220v: 1.09A
Amps @110v: 2.86A
Amps @220v: 1.43A
Amps @110v: 3.45A
Amps @220v: 1.73A
LEDs 100 x 3w 150 x 3w 200 x 3w 300 x 3w
Focusing Lens Beam Angle 90 Degree 90 Degree 90 Degree 90 Degree
Weight 11 lbs 17 lbs 22 lbs 33 lbs
Warranty 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years
Lifespan 100,000 hrs 100,000 hrs 100,000 hrs 100,000 hrs
EMF Emission 0.0 µT @ 4” 0.0 µT @ 4” 0.0 µT @ 4” 0.0 µT @ 4”
Best For Targeted Treatment Targeted Treatment Targeted Treatment Targeted Treatment
Price $569.00 $649.00 $899.00 $1,149.00

This series of therapy lights also offers eight multi-array lights that bundle two different sizes together, which are suited for full body treatments. Here are the prices:

  • BIOMAX 300 + 600: $1368 ($123 per month)
  • 2x BIOMAX 300 + 600: $2686 ($168 per month)
  • BIOMAX 450 + 900: $1698 ($107 per month)
  • 2x BIOMAX 450 + 900: $3346 ($117 per month)
  • BIOMAX 600 + 600: $1698 ($107 per month)
  • 2x BIOMAX 600 + 900: $3346 ($117 per month)
  • BIOMAX 900 + 900: $2198 ($138 per month)
  • 2x BIOMAX 900 + 900: $4346 ($152 per month)
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Is It Safe?

Red light therapy is backed by decades of scientific studies and is trusted by professional athletes, hospital patients, government agencies, and more to deliver the best results for skin rejuvenation recovery and training.


All PlatinumLED Therapy Lights are official FDA Class II Medical Devices and manufactured in our FDA-registered facility.


Red light therapy has been the subject of thousands of peer-reviewed studies, uncovering its many benefits.


Red light and Near Infrared light have been shown to offer healing capabilities in a wide range of health and wellness applications.

What Customers Are Saying?

Fast delivery, solidly built product. Received it 2 weeks ago and already feeling positive changes in my energy level. – Lynn A.

These lights are truly remarkable. They improve your appearance and functions by enhancing skin and hair and also deep tissue. They are absolutely the best. – Melvyn C.

I’m getting on really well with this product so very very easy to use and it came with a UK plug the company was a pleasure to do business with very professional I would highly recommend this product and this company. – Malcolm P.

We started using these at a spa and could see how expensive it was going to be to continue using them. We made the jump and purchased 2 Biomax 900 for full-body treatments and couldn’t be happier! – Brandon T.

I have had my Biomax 900 for about two months. I purchased it to help with lingering pain and inflammation from a concussion and neck injury. I have not yet experienced a huge relief from the muscle tension and pain, but I did have unexpected relief to digestive issues that I believe were caused by intestinal inflammation.

After my concussion, I experienced significant digestive issues. I tried elimination diets, prescription and over-the-counter medicines, and supplements. Shortly after beginning to use the Biomax 900, I noticed that my digestive problems were getting better.

I have started to add back foods that I thought might be bothering me and have continued to improve. I am hopeful that continued use of the Biomax 900 will reduce other pain and inflammation, but am thrilled with the improvements so far. – Carolyn Michaelis Berard

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FAQs: Consumer Questions & Answers

Q: How to Use Platinum LED BioMax Products?

A: The manufacturer does not provide information on the website about how often you should use this product or how long the sessions should be, but this is likely mentioned in the instructions.

The panel has a screen on it that allows you to digitally set your session time as well as the power of the laser. There are 5 different wavelengths, and each is best for certain medical issues as explained on the product website.

Q: Do Platinum LED BioMax Products Work?

A: There’s been a significant amount of research showing that red light therapy benefits many health-related conditions. This technology does work for the majority of people, and the red light therapy reviews confirm this.

An article in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology discussed the efficacy of phototherapy with light-emitting diodes for treating a broad range of medical and aesthetic conditions.

Q: What are the Shipping, Warranty, and Support?

A: Platinum LED BioMax Products has a 3-year warranty. If your device breaks within this time period, the company will fix it at no cost.

They will evaluate each case individually, and if the breakage is the customer’s fault the warranty is not valid. If you refuse a shipment, you’ll incur a charge of $50. Sales on all stands are final.

Q: Can I Buy Platinum LED BioMax Products in Stores?

A: You can buy red light therapy devices in many offline stores, but not this particular brand. The only place you can purchase Platinum LED BioMax Products is on the official website.

Q: Who Should Use Platinum LED BioMax Products?

A: Red light therapy benefits a number of different issues, including acne, wrinkles and lines, hair loss, pain and inflammation, muscle damage, and many others. It offers general health properties as well and could probably be useful to most adults.

Q: How Often Should I Use Red Light Therapy?

A: Three to five times per week for 10 to 20 minutes.

Q: What Is Platinum LED BioMax Products Moneyback Guarantee, Return & Refund Policy?

A: The manufacturer has a 60-day return policy. If you’re not happy with the product, contact the company for instructions and send the item back within 60 days of the purchase date. It must be in its original packaging.

Why Choose Platinum LED Therapy Lights?



Our US and EU warehouses ensure global support. 110v or 220v-240v compatible!



The best red light warranty out there: guaranteed for three years worldwide.



The best red light warranty out there: guaranteed for three years worldwide.



Try it for two months. If you don’t love it, we’ll send you a refund.



We’re the only red light therapy that offers live phone support. Give us a call from 9a-5p PST, M-F: 844-533-4769



Apply your HSA/FSA benefits to invest in your health by using your card directly on the site as a payment method.

Try For 60-Day & Judge for Yourself. If You’re Not Satisfied, You’ll Get All Your Money Back

The best place to buy this product is on the manufacturer’s Official Website. The official site offers discounts for bulk orders, Free Shipping to all USA, a generous refund policy, and access to their friendly and helpful customer service team.

By CR Staff

We prioritize accuracy in our content, and our dedicated research team works diligently to verify and ensure it, fostering trust among our readers and encouraging their return to our website for reliable information.

Customer Reviews for Platinum Led Therapy Lights

Platinum LED Therapy Lights Reviews – A Scientifically Proven Therapy

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  1. Jenny

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    Its awesome
    Platinum LED BioMax is awesome. I am really happy after using it. I lost almost 7 pounds in 2 months and my skin get more supple and youthful. You should try this…..


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  2. Rowan

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    Highly impressed with the result
    This BIOMAX 300 panel is incredible! I have only used it for about a month and I can see a noticeable difference in my skin already. I am seeing my face skin getting tighter and firmer. This red light therapy device is doing a wonderful job at keeping the inflammation way down.


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  3. Lauren H

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    This works wonders for me
    It’s been about 2 months since I’m using this Platinum LED BioMax device and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I use it every day for 20 mins twice a day. I have seen a huge improvement in my overall health. I noticed increased energy, brightened mood & a feeling of wellbeing. I will continue to use it and keep you updated with my feedback.


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