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Tru Alchemy LUNAR LASH Review – Best Eyelash Serum In 2022

Lunar Lash is a lash serum that can help you grow longer, thicker, and more voluminous lashes. So, let's take a look at the ins and outs of Lunar Lash and see what all the fuss is about.

Editor Rating :
4.8 / 5.0

We looked into Lunar Lash on the basis of its ingredients, customer reviews, and more. Does Lunar Lash really work? Read the Lunar Lash review here!

Tru Alchemy LUNAR LASH Overview

Lunar Lash is an eyelash serum that claims to improve eyelash length, thickness, and fullness.

To stimulate the lash growth cycle, it contains collagen peptides, keratin, and zero-gravity stem cells. These chemicals penetrate the skin cells and encourage internal growth.

Lunar Lash is in line with Tru Alchemy’s goal to create formulae that are pure, mindful, and loving. GMOs, fillers, parabens, silicones, sulfates, and other potentially dangerous chemicals are absent. Even better, no animals are used in the testing of the substances.

Tru Alchemy LUNAR LASH

This serum is a Tru Alchemy product that has gotten a lot of buzz on the internet.

You can BUY it directly from the Official Website

What Is Tru Alchemy LUNAR LASH?

Lunar Lash is a lash serum that can help you grow longer, thicker, and more voluminous lashes. So, let’s take a look at the ins and outs of Lunar Lash and see what all the fuss is about. Panthenol and Hyaluronic Acid for rapid deep conditioning, Collagen Peptides and Keratin for a visibly longer, thicker fringe, and Zero-Gravity Stem Cells to guide your lashes into their luscious new phase are all included in this nourishing nightly serum. Each tube has a two-month supply.

How Does It Work?

The ingredients in Lunar Lash lash serum may help to promote lash development. Eyelashes, like hair, go through phases of growth (anagen), regressing (catagen), and resting (telogen). The components in Lunar Lash target these periods and help to speed up the actions that occur during them. They reduce the amount of time it takes for a new lash to grow by doing so. Beneficial nutrients are absorbed into the skin over time, providing even superior results.

Tru Alchemy LUNAR LASH Cost

If you buy Lunar Lash as a one-time purchase, a tube costs $41.00. One tube costs $36.00 if you subscribe to the company’s monthly automatic delivery program.

What Are The Ingredients In Tru Alchemy LUNAR LASH?

Here are some active ingredients found in Lunar Lash :

  • Collagen peptides
  • Keratin
  • Hyaluronix
  • Zero-gravity
You can BUY it directly from the Official Website

Pros and Cons Of Tru Alchemy Lunar Lash


  • It promotes lash growth.
  • Enhances the thickness and volume of the lashes.
  • Aids in the prevention of oxidative damage.
  • Improves lash hydration and shine


  • The product is sold online via the company’s website

Tru Alchemy LUNAR LASH FAQ’s

Q. How to Use Lunar Lash?

A. Before using this product, make sure your face is clean. After cleansing, apply a thin line of serum along the lash line using the serum brush. To be used every night.

Q. Does Lunar Lash Have Any Side Effects?

A. This product is said to have no negative effects because it is clean and free of the majority of dangerous components.

Q. Does Lunar Lash Work?

A. Yes, this eyelash serum may work because it contains effective components. These components have scientific proof that they do what they say they do.

Final Words

Lunar Lash is an eyelash serum that can lengthen, thicken, and volumize lashes. It’s made up of skin and hair-loving chemicals that enter the lash line and encourage development. It’s a simple option to incorporate into your evening skincare routine.

So, if you’ve been seeking an eye serum for under-eye bags that will assist you in fighting such early signs of aging, this is the solution to try. This serum is unquestionably worth your money and time.

Where To Find It?

You can BUY it directly from the Official Website

Customer Reviews for Tru Alchemy LUNAR LASH

lunar lash

Editor Rating

4.8 / 5.0
Customer Reviews

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    It feels good.
    The purpose of the Lunar Lash Serum is to reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. I’ve noticed changes in my face for the past 15 days. It’s quite pleasant.


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