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Badlands Ranch Superfood Bites Review – What You Need To Know ?

Superfood Bites Beef: Nutritious, delicious, and packed with high-quality beef and superfoods for your dog's health and happiness.

Ready to take your furry friend’s taste buds on a wild ride? Discover the mouthwatering goodness of Superfood Bites Beef from Badlands Ranch! Packed with high-quality beef and a medley of superfoods, this comprehensive review reveals why dogs across the nation are wagging their tails in excitement. Get ready for a feast that’s paw-sitively out of this world!


superfood bites beef

Superfood Bites Beef

For countless pet owners, the wellness and diet of their pets reign supreme. They strive to ensure their cherished companions are vivacious, content, and primed to enjoy life with bountiful energy, joyful wagging tails, and hearty barks!

The key to this often lies in their diet, as each pet possesses a unique physiology – some may have more sensitive digestion systems, requiring special attention to their food intake. For these pets, the goal is to find meals that strike the perfect balance between delectability, ease of digestion, and nutritional value.

In this context, a new offering caught our attention: the Superfood Bites and Super20 from Badlands Ranch, which function more as a reward than a staple meal. Be it beef liver, chicken, or wild salmon, if your pet has been on their best behavior, they certainly deserve this tasty indulgence.

In this review, we delve into key aspects such as the advantages and disadvantages, ingredient profile, and some customer feedback. If you’re a pet parent keen on refreshing your pet’s treat repertoire, stay with us as we explore the Badlands Ranch Superfood Bites.

What is Superfood Bites?

Introducing Badlands Ranch Superfood Bites, a superior choice for pet parents seeking nutritious treats for their beloved dogs. These bite-sized delicacies are expertly crafted to provide optimal nutritional benefits for your furry friend. The standout feature of our product is the commitment to single-ingredient formulas, with 100% Beef Liver, Chicken Breast, and Wild Salmon being the exclusive components of our respective flavors.

Every Superfood Bite is a powerhouse of nutrition, deriving from quality freeze-dried raw beef liver, chicken breast, or wild salmon, depending on your choice. This freeze-drying process is vital, as it ensures all the beneficial nutrients are preserved, ready to boost your dog’s well-being. They are dietary game-changers, rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals – essential elements for your dog’s health and development.

About the Brand

Badlands Ranch Store, nestled in the Scenic setting of Philip, South Dakota, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality pet nutrition products, including dog food, treats, and nutritional supplements. This commendable initiative is the creation of acclaimed actress Katherine Heigl, a committed advocate for animal rights, and opened its doors in 2022.

Notably, all earnings are channelled towards the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, established in 2008, dedicated to the eradication of animal cruelty. Badlands Ranch is not just another pet food producer—it’s a trailblazer, raising the bar in canine nutrition.

Their unwavering commitment to quality is unmatched. Badlands Ranch tirelessly sources the finest ingredients from around the globe for their products, ensuring your dog’s every meal is the epitome of excellence.

The team operates under the conviction that your cherished pet deserves a meal fit for a champion, and their delectable recipes certainly live up to that guarantee.

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How Does Superfood Bites Work?

Badlands Ranch Superfood Bites are more than just a treat – they’re a nutrient-dense supplement designed to boost your dog’s overall health. These bites support digestion and assist in maintaining a healthy weight, thanks to their single-ingredient composition: raw beef liver.

The freeze-drying method employed in their creation locks in all the vital vitamins and minerals, resulting in a superior snack that’s 58% crude protein, 7% crude fat, 3% crude fiber, and only 7% moisture. This snack is not only high-quality, but it’s also incredibly convenient, requiring no refrigeration, water, or heat.

Please note that while these Superfood Bites are packed with nourishing protein, they are not intended to replace meals. Instead, they help supplement a balanced diet, making them perfect as a daily treat or a training reward.
What sets Badlands Ranch Superfood Bites apart from the competition is their simplicity and quality. They’re free from additives, fillers, and preservatives. You won’t find any artificial dyes, corn syrup, or substandard protein sources here – common ingredients found in commercial treats. Choose Badlands Ranch Superfood Bites for a simple, high-quality treat your dog will love.

Calorie Count Per Unit

Per kg 3600 kcal
Per cup 186 kcal
You can BUY it directly from the Official Website

Breaking Down The Ingredients:

Hungry for details? Let’s dive into the secret and prepare to be wowed by the culinary masterpiece that is Superfood Bites Beef! Badlands Ranch believes in keeping it real, which is why their Beef Liver Treats have just one superstar ingredient: premium freeze-dried raw beef liver.

Discover the secrets behind this irresistible feast that will leave your dog’s tail wagging with delight!

Key Nutritional Values: Diving Into The Health Benefits Of Superfood Bites Beef!

Crude Protein 58% min
Crude Fat 7% min
Crude Fiber 3% max
Moisture 7% max

The Wild Diet Reimagined: Mimicking Nature’s Bounty

Ever wondered what dogs would feast on if they were in the wild? Superfood Bites Beef has cracked the code by crafting a recipe that mimics the natural diet of our canine companions. With a whopping 95% premium beef[1], organs, and bone, studies show that these bites deliver the essential nutrients that dogs crave and need to thrive. It’s like taking a journey back to their ancestral roots, where the wild flavors come alive in every bite!

Superheroes in Every Bite: The Superfood Blend

Hold on tight, because it’s time to introduce the superheroes of Superfood Bites Beef—the incredible superfoods[2]! Spinach, broccoli, and carrots take center stage, bringing a dynamic blend of vitamins and minerals to the table. Picture your furry friend chomping down on these veggie powerhouses, as their immune systems receive a boost and overall health is fortified. It’s like giving your pup a nutritional shield against the daily challenges they face!

Fueling Muscles and Energizing Lives: Protein Powerhouse

Get ready to witness your furry friend transform into a muscle-bound dynamo! Superfood Bites Beef is a protein powerhouse that, according to study, fuels muscle development[3] and maintains energy levels, ensuring your pup stays active and vibrant. High-quality beef provides the essential amino acids needed to support muscle growth and repair, keeping your pup strong, agile, and ready for any adventure that comes their way. It’s like a personal trainer in a bite-sized form, shaping your dog into the ultimate four-legged athlete!

Building Blocks for Strong Bones and Teeth: A Natural Dose of Nutrients

Healthy bones and teeth are the foundation of a happy and active life for your furry friend. That’s why Superfood Bites Beef goes the extra mile by including organs and strong bones[4] in the recipe, as proved by research. These natural sources of calcium and phosphorus provide the building blocks for strong bones and teeth, ensuring your pup can chew, jump, and play to their heart’s content. It’s like giving them the key to a lifetime of strong and sturdy support!

A Feast for the Skin and Coat: The Omega-3 Connection

Prepare to witness the transformation of your pup’s coat into a glossy, lustrous masterpiece! Nourishing from Within In the world of Superfood Bites Beef, pumpkin seed and flaxseed add a touch of nutritional magic. These small but mighty ingredients are proven rich in omega-3 fatty acids[5], also sourced from beef liver, which work wonders for skin and coat health. These powerful nutrients reduce inflammation, promote healthy skin, and give your pup’s coat an enviable shine. Get ready for endless cuddles and compliments!

Apple, Blueberry, Cranberry: A Burst of Antioxidant Bliss

Hold on tight, because Superfood Bites Beef has a fruity twist up its sleeve. Crisp apples, juicy blueberries, and tart cranberries join the flavor party, bringing with them a burst of antioxidant[6] goodness. These vibrant fruits provide essential nutrients and help combat free radicals, supporting your dog’s cellular health and well-being. It’s a symphony of flavor and nutrition that will leave your pup’s taste buds singing with delight.

Embracing Natural Goodness: Grain-Free and Legume-Free

Superfood Bites Beef goes the extra mile by leaving out grains[7] and legumes. This conscious choice makes the feast suitable for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies, allowing them to indulge in a wholesome and digestible meal without any unwanted ingredients. By embracing the simplicity of nature, Badlands Ranch prioritizes your dog’s well-being and sets the stage for a meal that is both nutritious and gentle on sensitive tummies.

Freeze-Dried Marvels: Locking in Goodness, Flavor, and Nutrients

What’s the secret behind the extraordinary shelf life and flavor explosion of Superfood Bites Beef? It’s all thanks to the magical process of freeze-drying[8] . This cutting-edge technique locks in the natural goodness, flavor, and nutrients of the premium beef and superfoods. So whether you’re storing the bites or serving them up fresh, rest assured that each bite is bursting with the vibrant flavors and essential nutrients that your pup craves.

Packaging & Pricing

Badlands Ranch knows that freshness and convenience are key. That’s why Superfood Bites Beef comes in a resealable bag, ensuring that every bite stays as fresh as the day it was made. The packaging is a testament to transparency, clearly listing all the ingredients and feeding instructions for your convenience. Now, let’s talk about pricing. We won’t sugarcoat it—Superfood Bites Beef is a premium product. But here’s the thing: it’s worth every penny. The quality of the ingredients and the remarkable health benefits it offers make it a worthwhile investment in your furry friend’s happiness and vitality.

  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • FREE SHIPPING on U.S. orders over $50
  • 100% Donations contributes to Animals Welfare

Usage | How to feed beef to your dog?

Feeding Superfood Bites Beef to your furry friend is a breeze! Determine the perfect portion size, rehydrate the bites to unlock their flavor explosion, and serve them as a standalone meal or mix them in with your dog’s favorite food.

Portion Control: Start by determining the appropriate portion size for your dog based on their age, weight, and activity level. The packaging of Superfood Bites Beef provides clear guidelines for feeding amounts.

Rehydration: Superfood Bites Beef comes in a freeze-dried form to retain maximum nutrients and flavor. Before serving, rehydrate the bites by adding warm water. Follow the instructions on the packaging to achieve the desired consistency.

Serving Style: Once the bites are rehydrated, you can choose to serve them as a standalone meal or mix them with your dog’s regular food. Superfood Bites Beef can also be used as training treats or as a special snack during the day.

Feeding Routine: Establish a regular feeding routine that aligns with your dog’s needs. Some dog owners prefer feeding Superfood Bites Beef once or twice a day, while others may incorporate it as a topper for their dog’s main meal.

Fresh Water: Always provide fresh water alongside Superfood Bites Beef to keep your dog hydrated throughout the day.
Remember, every dog is unique, and their dietary needs may vary. It’s essential to consult with your veterinarian before making any significant changes to your dog’s diet to ensure it suits their specific requirements.

Feeding Superfood Bites Beef is not only a nourishing experience but also an opportunity to bond with your furry companion during mealtime. Enjoy the satisfaction of providing a wholesome and delicious meal that supports their overall health and well-being.

Taste and Texture

Hold onto your hats, folks, because Superfood Bites Beef takes taste and texture to a whole new level! Prepare to witness your pup’s taste buds doing a happy dance as they savor the mouthwatering flavors. The freeze-drying process locks in the natural beefy goodness, creating an irresistible aroma and taste that will have your furry friend begging for seconds. And the texture? It’s pure bliss! When rehydrated, these bites transform into tender, chewy morsels that cater to dogs of all sizes and ages. It’s like a gourmet adventure for their taste buds, leaving them howling for more!

Sustainability | Making a difference Paw-sitively

At Badlands Ranch, they believe in Synchronizing Wildlife & Wilderness by leaving a positive paw print on the planet. They carefully source their ingredients responsibly and strive to minimize their environmental impact. Plus, the packaging for Superfood Bites Beef is designed with sustainability in mind, ensuring minimal waste and recyclable and eco-friendly packaging. So you can feel good about nourishing your pup while also taking care of Mother Earth!

Pros and Cons

Let’s dish out the pros and cons of Superfood Bites Beef:


  • Single-ingredient treats
  • Freeze-dried
  • No fillers or preservatives
  • Flexible use
  • Positive customer feedback


  • Premium price
  • Availability may vary
  • Limited flavors
You can BUY it directly from the Official Website

Customer Review

Honest Reviews By Superfood Bites Pet owners

Real Customer review of Badlands Ranch Superfood Bites

Real Customer review of Badlands Ranch Superfood Bites

Don’t just take our word for it—dog owners across the nation are barking with excitement about Superfood Bites Beef! Hear from real Superfood Bites Beef users about their experiences with this premium dog food. These honest reviews offer valuable insights into the health and happiness of dogs who have enjoyed the remarkable benefits of Superfood Bites Beef. Get ready to be inspired by their stories and uncover why Superfood Bites Beef is the go-to choice for furry companions and their devoted owners.

I switched to Superfood Complete one month ago. I have a one year old Cockapoo and a three year old Standard Poodle, both rescues. I work in animal welfare at a humane society shelter and I did a lot of research before selecting Badlands Ranch. Both of my dogs are allergic to chicken and it is so hard to find a pet food without chicken in it. You must read the labels. Now dogs are less itchy and their ear yeast issues are almost gone. Thank you for making such a quality product! – Michelle Thomas

My 2 dogs are no longer picky eaters, they LOVE this food! They have shiny coats too! I can tell their gut health is better, they are never lethargic, they have the right amount of energy, and still take their daytime naps. – Amy Sames

First off, I am very skeptical about dog food and I first bought this product thinking maybe it was a waste of money and it would end up just like every dog treat that I have bought for our our 4 dogs (12 yr old Staffordshire Terrier, 7 yr old Chihuahua, 3 yr old GoldenDoodle, and 2 yr old German Shepherd). I had recently bought a beef liver treat for them over a year ago and they did not like it so I was skeptical. When we got this product, we received 12 bags, goodness gracious! They were crazy for it to the point of annoying – German

Shepherd will make you get her and the rest of the gang their treats! I have reordered AGAIN! Thank you for a healthy and great product and the fact that your company helps support animals in need is indeed why I am a customer! – Wilma Caed

These honest reviews reveal the transformative experiences of Superfood Bites Beef users. Buyers can’t stop raving about the remarkable improvements they’ve seen in their dogs’ energy levels, coat conditions, and overall health after switching to this delectable feast. And the best part? Dogs can’t get enough of the mouthwatering flavors! From wagging tails to enthusiastic chomping, it’s clear that Superfood Bites Beef is a hit among our furry friends.

Trust The Stats! Numbers Never Lie.

Hold onto your leashes, because I’ve got some tail-wagging news about the ratings for Superfood Bites! Brace yourself for these pawsitively fantastic numbers:

  • Trustpilot is head over paws for Superfood Bites, with an impressive 4.8 out of 5 stars! Around 1.5K happy customers have chimed in, giving it a virtual standing ovation.
  • Katherine Heigl Reviews has around 50 reviews, which when averaged, gives a whopping 5 star result.

Now that’s some serious paw-sitivity! So, what’s the final verdict? Drumroll, please! With such a fur-bulous number of reviews, it’s clear that Superfood Bites has captured the hearts and taste buds of dogs and their adoring humans alike. Rest assured, these ratings come from trusted sources where pet lovers gather to share their thoughts.

FAQs | People Also Ask

Q: Who owns Badlands Ranch?

A: Badlands Ranch is owned and operated by Jason DeBus, an entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in the pet food industry.

Q: What are the ingredients in Badlands Ranch dog food?

A: The ingredients in Badlands Ranch dog food include high-quality proteins from beef, lamb, and bison as well as superfoods, antioxidants, omega-3, vegetables, fruits, and nutrients to support your dog’s health.

Q: How many cups are in a bag of Badlands Ranch dog food?

A: A 15-pound bag of Badlands Ranch dog food contains approximately 3 1/2 cups of dry kibble, providing nutrition for your dog for about 2 weeks.

Q: What is the safest and most recommended diet for dogs?

A: Many veterinarians recommend limited grain or grain-free balanced food that includes high-quality proteins from a single source, fruits and vegetables with limited additives, and provides essential nutrients to support your dog’s health.

Q: Which foods are considered toxic and harmful to dogs?

A: Foods considered toxic and harmful to dogs include cooked bones, chocolate, grapes, raisins, onions, garlic, xylitol, and macadamia nuts due to their potential to cause illness or damage to a dog’s organs.

Final Verdict

After diving deep into the world of Superfood Bites Beef, I am thrilled to share my final verdict. This premium dog food option from Badlands Ranch has left a lasting impression, captivating both my research and my imagination.

Superfood Bites Beef showcases the pinnacle of quality and nutrition. The careful selection of high-quality beef, combined with a medley of nutrient-rich superfoods like spinach, broccoli, and carrots, creates a tantalizing feast for our furry friends. The thoughtfully crafted blend ensures that every bite is packed with the essential vitamins and minerals our dogs need to thrive.

The remarkable feedback and glowing testimonials from dog owners have reinforced the notion that Superfood Bites Beef is a true gem. Tales of increased energy levels, improved coat conditions, and overall well-being have me convinced of its efficacy.

In my opinion, Superfood Bites Beef stands tall as a top-tier option for dog owners who seek a combination of taste, quality ingredients, and notable health benefits. Trust your instincts and give your beloved companion the nourishment they deserve with Superfood Bites Beef from Badlands Ranch. Your dog’s wagging tail and contented palate will be the ultimate proof of its exceptional quality.

Overall Rating: The ultimate bark of approval!
Considering the premium quality ingredients, exceptional health benefits, rave customer reviews, and commitment to sustainability, Superfood Bites Beef from Badlands Ranch earns a resounding round of ap-paws! It’s a cut above the rest—an extraordinary feast that delivers on its promises. Treat your furry friend to a dining experience they’ll never forget and witness the transformation in their health and happiness.

Why wait?
Get ready to unleash a culinary adventure for your furry friend with Superfood Bites Beef from Badlands Ranch. This tantalizing feast combines the best of the best—premium beef, superfoods, and unbeatable flavors—to create a meal that will have your pup doing backflips of joy. With Badlands Ranch’s commitment to quality, you can trust that you’re providing your beloved companion with the ultimate dining experience. So go ahead, treat your pup to the feast of a lifetime, and watch their tail wag with pure delight.
Remember: Your dog’s happiness and health matter. Consult your vet before making any dietary changes. After all, every dog is unique and deserves tailored care.

Where To Find It?

You can BUY it directly from the Official Website

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Customer Reviews for Superfood Bites Beef

Badlands Ranch Superfood Bites Review – What You Need To Know ?

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4.9 / 5.0
Customer Reviews

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  1. Alma

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    These are the best treats EVER
    What can I say? These are the best treats EVER!!!, my puppies love them. I’m very picky about what I give my dogs and these are the best, not only are they good for them but they love them. I recommend this to everyone with a dog that wants healthy and tastes good.


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  2. Oliver B.

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    A New Favorite for My Pup!
    I recently decided to give my furry companion a healthier and more nutritious diet, and I must say, Superfood Bites Beef has exceeded all my expectations. These tasty little treats have quickly become a new favorite for my pup, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.


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