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ScalpMED Review – Does This Hair Loss Treatment Work?

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We looked into ScalpMED on the basis of its ingredients, customer reviews, and more. Does ScalpMED really work? Read the ScalpMED review here!

What is ScalpMED?

ScalpMED is a company selling hair regrowth products. ScalpMED is a topical treatment designed to help people with male or female pattern hair loss regrow their hair.

ScalpMED is one of numerous non-prescription topical hair loss treatment programs that use FDA-approved minoxidil. The combination of minoxidil and a special carrier mix developed to maximize effectiveness is what sets ScalpMED different from the competition. ScalpMED, like other topical therapies, will not resurrect dead hair follicles. It can help you regrow and thicken hair if your hair is thinning but your hair follicles are still active.

How Does It Work?


The ScalpMED solution, according to the brand, enters the follicle to restore and improve blood flow. NutriSol also contains chemicals that help to nourish your scalp and thicken your hair.

Vitadil is essentially a conventional minoxidil solution in 5% and 2% concentrations for men and women, respectively.

Nutrisol acts as a carrier, allowing the minoxidil solution to stay on your scalp for longer, potentially extending the length of vasodilation and strengthening follicles more than minoxidil alone could.

ScalpMED Key Ingredients:

  • Vitadil
  • NutriSol

Pros and Cons of ScalpMED


  • In just a few months, visible effects are produced.
  • Both men and women will benefit from this product.


  • Alternatives to generic minoxidil are more expensive.
  • In later stages of hair loss, the effect is less apparent.

ScalpMED – The Bottom line

ScalpMED will only work if you continue to use it. When you quit, the effect will fade away, and your hair may begin to fall out again.