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Powerfit Elite Review – Really Effective On All Body Types?

Powerfit elite: its multidirectional vibration technology is used in this machine for muscle building, & also helps in burning calories.
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We looked into PowerFit Elite on the basis of its specification, customer reviews, and more. Does PowerFit Elite really work? Read the PowerFit Elite review here!

Summary of PowerFit Elite Brand

The Powerfit Elite is a vibration plate, for a high-quality home workout, it is equipment that delivers consumers with a total-body, high-intensity workout in just a few minutes. The equipment includes a combination of exercises that target all of the body’s primary muscles like gym equipment that can guarantee weight loss. It’s very effective on exercising on a vibration plate.

Powerfit Elite

The company claim that it works on your arms muscles, raises your buttocks, gives a perfect shape to your legs, also good for your abs workout. It is very compact and easy to store, these items are right for home gyms workouts.

How PowerFit Elite Works?

We have to stand on the PowerFit Elite for working out it will to increasing pulses from the entire body vibrating. Your all muscle will engage from regular exercises because of the extra vibration. It included remote control which gives you to control the vibration plate power.

You can also enhance your balance from the intensity settings from 1 to 99. Beginners and advanced users can take a full-body workout at home. To get the best results, you have to use the PowerFit Elite in a regular exercise routine. If you are into Yoga, the PowerFit Elite will improve the quantity of muscle reaction to every single pose.

Benefits and Drawbacks Of PowerFit Elite


  • Compact & Easy To Store
  • All In One Walking, Jogging or Running
  • Perfect Speed Control from 1-99
  • Best for Quick Workouts
  • Helps to Increases Energy Levels
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Save you money from a 1-time investment.


  • Weight Capacity is low (Only 220 Pounds)
  • Resistance Bands is for low Tension

Powerfit Elite Trial & Return Policy

The company does not provide a free trial, they have 30 Days trial offer for $14.95. We can replace or return our product within 60 days.

Order is covered by 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee and for that need to call customer service at 1-973-287-5186 and also you can email at [email protected]

Powerfit Elite Price

The PowerFit Elite comes in at around $200 for Standard Size and for Large it comes in at $240

Final Words

The Powerfit Elite is a vibration plate, for a high-quality home workout, that targets all of the body’s primary muscles. It is All In One Walking, Jogging or Running & Improving blood circulation but Weight Capacity is low (Only 220 Pounds).

So it is not for everyone. It is all about vibration which is not sure that it will help or not. There it might be a bit expensive for a few consumers.