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Onnit Alpha Brain Review – Is It Safe To Use & Does It Work?

Alpha Brain: Cognitive enhancer designed to boost focus, memory, and mental clarity. Formulated with natural ingredients to support optimal brain function.

We looked into Onnit Alpha Brain on the basis of its ingredients, customer reviews, and more. DoesOnnit Alpha Brain really work? Read the Onnit Alpha Brain review here!


Onnit Alpha Brain

Alpha BRAIN, a nootropic supplement developed by Austin, Texas-based Onnit, has gained significant attention for its benefits in enhancing cognitive function without the use of stimulants. Promoted by Joe Rogan, UFC commentator, ex-Fear Factor host, and a shareholder in Onnit, the supplement aims to enhance memory, improve mental sharpness, optimize word recall, and promote consistent focus.

As the prevalence of concentration and focus difficulties grows, such nootropics are gaining traction. However, the efficacy and safety of nootropics, including Alpha BRAIN, remain contentious within scientific circles. Hence, while Alpha BRAIN’s offerings may appear appealing, it’s crucial to further investigate its potential benefits and risks.

The Manufacturer- Onnit Alpha Brain

Onnit, a reputable nootropics vendor, a supplement company founded by Aubrey Marcus in 2011, is called Alpha BRAIN. When you need it most, this nootropic will help you enter higher realms of awareness and boost your daily cognitive performance.

Celebrity Joe Rogan, who was intrigued by the possibility of nootropics enhancing brain performance, served as the inspiration for the creation of Alpha BRAIN.

With over 250 products, Onnit is a market leader in the health and wellness sector today. Their top sellers include earth-grown foods, clothes, novel workout equipment, and dietary supplements backed by extensive study.

Alpha Brain has dominated the market. When it comes to word recall, focus, and performance, Rogan, who has been using Alpha BRAIN regularly since before the product’s introduction in 2010, says he “doesn’t want to do anything without it.”

You can BUY it directly from the Official Website

How Does Onnit Alpha Brain Work?

Onnit Alpha Brain, a nootropic supplement, employs an array of plant-derived elements to support brain health. This dietary aid is rich in polyphenols, essential compounds known to counteract neuroinflammation, ward off neurodegenerative diseases, and bolster cognitive abilities, including learning and memory enhancement. Onnit Alpha Brain’s formulation is unique, combining multiple nootropic ingredients into one comprehensive solution—often referred to as a “stack.”

This stack consists of three distinct blends: the Onnit Flow Blend (650mg), which comprises L-tyrosine, L-theanine, oat straw extract, and phosphatidylserine; the Onnit Focus Blend (240mg), containing Alpha-GPC, bacopa extract, and toothed club moss extract; and the Onnit Fuel Blend (60mg), featuring L-leucine and pterostilbene. The formula is further enriched with cat’s claw extract and vitamin B6.

Notably, Alpha BRAIN is free from caffeine, making it a suitable choice for individuals sensitive to stimulants. On the Alpha BRAIN webpage, Onnit provides a comprehensive overview of each ingredient, explaining its purpose and contribution to the overall cognitive enhancement effect. Each blend targets a different brain function—Focus Blend promotes optimal acetylcholine levels, Fuel Blend enhances nervous system connectivity, and Flow Blend boosts alpha brain wave production.

Onnit Alpha Brain Ingredients

Onnit Alpha Brain Supplements Facts

Onnit Alpha Brain Supplements Facts

Onnit Flow Blend™ and Cat’s Claw

  • L-Theanine – According to a study published in NCBI, an amino acid enhances the release of dopamine and serotonin in the brain, two chemicals that produce calm via alpha wave activity.
  • L-Tyrosine – According to a study published in ScienceDirect, amino acids aid in the production of adrenaline and dopamine in the body. Phenylalanine hydroxylase is an enzyme that converts phenylalanine to totyrosine, which is required for the creation of neurotransmitters like adrenaline, norepinephrine, and dopamine.
  • Phosphatidylserine – A fatty substance found in cell membranes. It’s important for the cellular function to be maintained, especially in the brain.
  • Oat Straw Extract – The stems and leaves of the unripened Avena sativa plant are used to make oat straw extract. A substance derived from oats. As per studies, this improves cognitive performance.

Onnit Focus Blend™

  • Alpha-Gpc Alpha-GPC promotes learning and memory by increasing the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. A chemical that helps the body produce acetylcholine by functioning as a precursor.
  • Huperzia SerrataHuperzine A is a compound derived from the Huperzia Serrata plant that helps prevent acetylcholine breakdown.
  • Bacopa – Bacopa (Bacopa monnieri) is a herb that has been utilized in Ayurvedic medicine for ages. According to research, helps to promote the growth of the portions of nerve cells that receive messages from other nerves, aids nerve signal receiving.

Onnit Fuel Blend

  • PterostilbenePterostilbene is a resveratrol derivative that has similar characteristics. Promotes the health of cells. aid in the protection of brain and nerve cells.
  • L-LeucineL-leucine is an essential amino acid that is required for the synthesis of protein.  Aids in the production of protein in the body.

Onnit Alpha Brain – Price

  • $34.95/BOTTLE (15 servings)
  • BUY 2, GET 25% OFF + FREE GIFT, $26.22/BOTTLE (30 servings)
  • BUY 3, GET 30% OFF + FREE GIFT, $24.47/BOTTLE (45 servings)
  • You can BUY it directly from the Official Website
    Onnit Alpha Brain Review

    Onnit Alpha Brain Review

    Benefits of Alpha BRAIN

  • Onnit’s Alpha BRAIN enhances cognitive functions: memory, focus, processing speeds.
  • Best-selling since 2011, with proprietary blends of vitamins, herbs, and amino acids.
  • Research-backed ingredients may significantly improve brain functions.
  • Supports alpha brain wave production linked to increased productivity.
  • Over a million bottles sold globally, satisfying user expectations.
  • Testimonials highlight improved focus, productivity, and mental clarity.
  • Free 90-day trial and money-back guarantee for first-time users.
  • Paleo-friendly, gluten-free, and caffeine-free for diverse dietary preferences.
  • Independently tested for safety, free of illegal substances.
  • Promising cognitive enhancement, but recommend consulting a professional before use.
  • Case Studies of Alpha Brain: What Greg Suggests About Alpha Brain

    A YouTube creator called “Greg” published a review of Alpha Brain to be unsponsored:

    Alpha Brain Review – Does It Actually Work?

    In this review, we delve into the claims surrounding Alpha Brain, a nootropic stack developed for enhancing cognitive function. Backed by endorsements from professionals and clinical studies, Alpha Brain claims to utilize popular and effective nootropics to boost focus and memory.

    Alpha Brain is lauded for its complex formulation, incorporating 13 ingredients aimed at enhancing memory and focus. It sets itself apart by targeting specific cognitive functions rather than offering an all-encompassing nootropic solution. This focused approach can be seen as both a strength and a drawback, depending on the individual’s needs.

    An interesting feature of Alpha Brain is its lack of caffeine, which allows users to supplement it with their morning coffee. However, the particularity of not disclosing the exact quantity of individual ingredients has raised concerns. While it does contain well-known nootropics such as bacopa and l-theanine, among others, the inclusion of less-researched ingredients like cat’s claw leaves room for doubt.

    Despite these concerns, our experience with Alpha Brain was positive. After a two-week trial period, there was a noticeable increase in focus and motivation. There were no stark energy boosts, which is understandable due to its lack of caffeine, but the smooth, subtle effects were tangible. An unexpected outcome was a significant improvement in the Dual N-Back game scores—an advanced memory game used when testing nootropics.

    We noted that while the majority of users reported satisfaction with the product’s outcomes, a minority of users, including our reviewer’s girlfriend, experienced mild discomfort. This is worth mentioning, as individual reactions to nootropics can vary.

    In conclusion, Alpha Brain shows considerable potential in boosting cognitive functions, notably focus and memory. Despite the room for improvement, it stands as a reliable choice for those seeking to enhance their cognitive function within these specific areas. Keep in mind, though, that nootropics are not magic pills—they offer an edge, not a miraculous transformation. Choose wisely based on your specific needs, and always consult a healthcare provider if unsure.a

    What Customers Are Saying?

    Real Customer review of Onnit Alpha Brain

    Real Customer review of Onnit Alpha Brain

    KarenEMMD said, “It works well on my memory. I might be unable to remember something but within a minute or two, I can think of it. Before, I would forget something and never be able to remember it. I would just give up trying.”

    Michael Barbour expressed “I was skeptical, to the point I even had to go back to cancel the subscription because I just wanted to try the product. Definitely surprised at the results and honestly could feel the difference when I ran out. I absolutely felt more focused and even energized when I was taking it and a couple of days after I ran out I regretted canceling that subscription. I have since stocked up and don’t plan on running out again anytime soon. I am in no way shape or form paid to promote this product but I would B if I could.”

    Onnit X Rewards

    It’s simple: you earn Onnit X Rewards points every time you shop at You may use your points to get special products and prices that aren’t available anywhere else. Just follow the process below:

    Onnit Alpha Brain Rewards Process
    Onnit Alpha Brain Rewards Process

    Pros and Cons


    • The supplement has the potential to increase cognitive functions.
    • It has the potential to boost higher-order thinking, learning, memory, and attention.
    • The pill has the potential to improve sleep and happiness.
    • Focus may help with working memory.


    • It might become a habit.
    • Only their official website is available for purchase.


    Q: Does Alpha Brain Expire?

    A: According to the Onnit Alpha Brain manufacturer, It has a shelf life of two years. Store in a cool, dry place.

    Q: Is Onnit Alpha Brain Safe?

    A: Yes, Onnit alpha brain contains ingredients that have been clinically studied. On the official website, the majority of the onnit alpha brain reviews do not mention any side effects.

    Q: Is Alpha Brain Worth It?

    A: In a group of community adults aged 18–35, using Alpha Brain for six weeks significantly enhanced recent verbal memory and executive function when compared to controls.

    One review says “Personally, I didn’t notice any unpleasant side effects. Alpha Brain is much better than other brain supplements, and it’s well worth the money.”

    Q: Does Onnit Alpha Brain Really Work?

    A: Yes, the alpha brain supplement improves the cognitive functioning of the brain in two ways. The first way is to supplement the body with raw choline. Raw choline is a nutrient that the body requires to generate phosphatidylcholine and sphingomyelin, two key phospholipids required for cell membranes. The second way involves preventing the enzyme acetylcholinesterase from degrading the neurotransmitter acetylcholine into choline and acetate.

    Q: Where Can I Buy Onnit Alpha Brain?

    A: It is available on the Official Website .

    Q: How to Find Onnit Alpha Brain Stores?

    A: The store’s location can be found here.

    Q: How Do I Contact Customer Service?

    • Address: 4401 Freidrich Ln., Suite 302, Austin, TX 78744 USA
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Contact No: 1-855-ONNIT-99

    Q: What’s in Onnit Alpha Brain?

    A: Onnit alpha brain contains the following ingredients:
    Alpha GPC, Huperzia Serrata, Bacopa Monnieri, L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, Oat Straw Extract, Phosphatidylserine, and Cat’s Claw Extract.

    Q: How Long Does Onnit Alpha Brain Last?

    A: If you take a standard dose, Alpha Brain will last for about 2-4 hours.

    Q: How Can I Get an Onnit Alpha Brain Free Trial?

    A: You have the opportunity to try alpha brain for free for a short time. Simply pay for shipping and you’ll receive a 15-day supply at no additional cost. Customers who sign up for the newsletter will receive a complimentary 30-count bottle (15-day supply) for the cost of shipping and tax. (Only domestic orders accepted.)

    Q: How to Take Onnit Alpha Brain?

    A: Adults should take two capsules daily as a dietary supplement, preferably with a light meal.

    Q: Is Alpha Brain the Best Nootropic?

    A: Alpha Brain is a wonderful choice if you’re seeking a high-quality nootropic supplement. Alpha Brain contains ingredients that work synergistically to increase cognitive performance, focus, memory, and brain processing.

    Q: Does Onnit Alpha Brain Have Caffeine?

    A: Alpha Brain contains zero caffeine.

    Onnit Alpha Brain Review – Final Word

    Onnit Alpha Brain is a brain supplement that claims to improve focus, memory, and cognitive functioning. This supplement may be useful for anyone looking for a nootropic because it is made with ingredients that may improve brain function.

    The vast majority of Onnit Onnit Alpha Brain reviews were quite positive. Users said that this product eliminated chronic fatigue and improved mental focus and concentration. Many people reported feeling better and having more energy. There were extremely minimal negative reviews or complaints about this product.


    The best place to buy this product is on the manufacturer’s Official Website. 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee – We’re so convinced that you’ll get amazing results that we’re willing to take a chance.We offer a 90-day, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee!

By CR Staff

We prioritize accuracy in our content, and our dedicated research team works diligently to verify and ensure it, fostering trust among our readers and encouraging their return to our website for reliable information.

Customer Reviews for Onnit Alpha Brain

Onnit Alpha Brain Review – Is It Safe To Use & Does It Work?

Editor Rating

4.8 / 5.0
Customer Reviews

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  1. nexa

    Your Rating:

    Good product. Works well and no side effects for me.
    Great product. I have used it for about a year now. Hi skip it from time to time just to make sure there is a discernible impact and it never fails. Would recommend for anyone getting past their 40s with a little foggy memory and focus.


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  2. Marcos

    Your Rating:

    Thanks, Onnit! Meet all of my expectations.
    As I get older, I was finding I was getting more and more memory slips and lapses of concentration. I sought out a natural supplement online, and I like the Onnit brand. The supplement did meet all of my expectations. I have much less in the way of memory lapses, and my focus is razor-sharp. Thanks, Onnit!


    You have already voted!

  3. Alonzo

    Your Rating:

    The improvement in my memory and focus is significant. Great product.
    I was diagnosed with mild dementia last year, and I was getting tired of the memory slips and difficulty concentrating. I didn’t really think an organic supplement would help, but I’m so glad I tried it!


    You have already voted!

  4. Keira

    Your Rating:

    I am so grateful for this supplement
    As a woman in my 40s who went back to do another degree, I was finding it difficult to handle the workload. Alpha Brain gave me that extra edge I needed to push through all my tests and papers to succeed. I am so grateful for this supplement, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to sharpen their thinking, memory and concentration.


    You have already voted!


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