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Nurture Life Review: Healthy Kids Meal Delivery Service

Dive into our Nurture Life review: Explore nutritious kids' meal delivery for your child's well-being and convenience.

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In this article, Nurture Life shines as a convenient meal delivery service, crafted to meet the nutritional needs of every family member. Developed by dietitians, it ensures both nourishment and flavor, pleasing even the most selective eaters.

From toddler-friendly finger foods to wholesome adult meals, it simplifies healthy eating for everyone. Each dish reflects the service’s dedication to quality, prepared with fresh ingredients and ready to enjoy with minimal effort.

Having nutritious meals delivered to your doorstep transforms the hectic lives of families, seamlessly merging convenience with a commitment to health.

What Is Nurture Life?

Nurture Life is a revolutionary meal service dedicated to transforming the way children eat, by offering nutritionally balanced, ready-to-eat meals that cater directly to the needs of growing bodies and minds.

Rooted in the belief that early nutrition is fundamental to lifelong health, Nurture Life meticulously crafts meals that balance taste with nutritional value, ensuring that children receive the nourishment they need without compromising on flavor.

nurture life

Nurture Life

With a diverse menu designed by pediatric dietitians and chefs, It caters to various age groups, dietary restrictions, and taste preferences, making it an indispensable resource for busy families striving to maintain a healthy diet amidst their hectic schedules.

How Much Does Nurture Life Cost?

Investing in the nutritional welfare of our children is paramount, and Nurture Life masterfully bridges the gap between convenience and nourishing meal options. Understanding the cost associated with such high-quality, nutritious meals is crucial for families who prioritize health without compromising on taste or variety.

At its core, Nurture Life is designed to be as accessible as it is beneficial, offering plans that adapt to different needs and budgets. Starting at an affordable $7.49 per meal for a weekly package of 6 meals, it extends the flexibility to reduce your cost to an even more economical $6.49 per meal when opting for 15 meals per week.

This scale of pricing ensures that healthier food choices are not a luxury but a feasible option for most families seeking to improve their eating habits. By selecting the 6-item weekly plan, I embarked on a culinary exploration, choosing three distinct meal options for my two children – a testimony to Nurture Life’s commitment to variety, nutrition, and the palates of young food critics everywhere.

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Child’s Mealtime with Nurture Life

Transforming Kids’ Meals: It is at the forefront of revolutionizing how parents approach mealtime for their children. By offering an array of ready-to-heat meals, including options meticulously crafted for the pickiest of eaters, Nurture Life ensures a stress-free, nutritious, and enjoyable eating experience for kids. Each meal is a balanced ensemble of a main dish accompanied by one or two healthy sides, making it a comprehensive meal solution.

Easing Transition to Solids with Finger Foods

For younger ones transitioning to solid foods, Nurture Life’s Finger Foods are a game-changer. These one-bowl meals feature bite-sized portions that are perfect for little hands, promoting independence and making self-feeding an adventure. Designed to be less messy, the diced meats, and main dishes without heavy sauces, pave the way for a cleaner, happier mealtime.


Nurture Life Review

Revitalizing Snack Time with Mighty Bites

Snacks are no longer just fillers between meals with Nurture Life’s “Mighty Bites.” Each snack, available in flavors like oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, and double chocolate, is a ball of wholesome goodness. They are perfectly sized for little hands and big enough in nutrition and taste, making them an essential part of your child’s snack time.

Refreshing with Natural Smoothies

Nurture Life’s fresh smoothies cater to not just the taste but also the nutritional needs of kids. Free from added sugars, these smoothies are a blend of fruits, stealthy vegetables, and superfoods, creating a powerhouse of nutrients in a sip. Ready to be enjoyed upon arrival, these smoothies make hydration and nutrition a delightful experience for kids.

Nurture Life Video Review

Nurture Life Review: How Good Is This Healthy Kids Meal Delivery Service?

Nurture Life Review

Benefits of Nurture Life Meals

  • Balanced Nutrition

    – Designed by dietitians to prioritize a balance of proteins, veggies, and whole grains.

  • Real, Clean Ingredients

    – Great food starts with great ingredients like organic veggies and antibiotic-free meats.

  • Flavorful Variety

    – We’ve got it all—easy meal delivery for picky eaters that’ll satisfy any craving.

  • Happy Kids

    – Plenty of smiles and exclamations of joy with every bite and sip your little one takes.

  • Less Stress

    – We do the planning, shopping, prepping, and cooking. You serve it in a minute or less!

  • Made Fresh

    – You order it, we make it. Our chefs prepare fresh, wholesome food with peak flavor and nutrition.

Nurture Life Pros and Cons


  • Convenient meal options for all ages, ideal for busy families.
  • Meals are healthy and feature fresh, organic produce.
  • Comparable prices to restaurants with likely higher nutritional value.
  • Pricing structure offers free shipping and discounts for larger orders, catering to various household sizes.


  • Meals can be expensive compared to grocery store alternatives.
  • Discounts and free shipping for large orders help offset costs.
  • Not suitable for households with severe food allergies or strict gluten-free diets due to medical reasons like celiac disease.

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Nurture Life Customer Reviews

Ordered multiple products from Nurture Life & they are all healthy, easy snacks for kids!

This was a very nice meal that my kids enjoyed.
My kids enjoyed these meals on a daily basis. They would not even recognize the amount of veggies in their food! I would recommend if it’s time for your kids to eat healthy!

Picky kid ate without harassment!
The product was very well insulated in the box and noticeably cold. My picky kid was excited to pick one out – it was nice that there was a variety to choose from. She picked the eggs and French toast and devoured it. I didn’t even have a chance to bug her to eat. When I looked up, it was gone. She even started eating it straight out of microwave and didn’t wait for it to cool cos she was so excited for it. I checked nutrients and was impressed to see there was 20g of protien in one meal. Looking forward to more nights of easy dinners!

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Q: How long do Nurture Life meals last?

A: Nurture Life meals typically last for about 7-10 days when stored properly in the refrigerator.

Q: Does Nurture Life use preservatives?

A: No, Nurture Life does not use preservatives in their meals, prioritizing fresh and natural ingredients.

Q: What age is Nurture Life meal for?

A: Meals are designed for children aged 10 months to 14 years, with options tailored to different age groups.

Q: Can adults eat Nurture Life meals?

A: While Nurture Life primarily caters to children, adults can also enjoy their nutritious meals as part of a balanced diet.

Q: Who owns Nurture Life?

A: Nurture Life is owned by a company called Nurture Brands, which focuses on providing healthy and convenient food options for families.


Nurture Life emerges as a beacon of nutritional excellence, revolutionizing mealtime for families with its convenient delivery service. Crafted by dietitians, their meals prioritize both nourishment and flavor, ensuring satisfaction for even the pickiest eaters. From toddler-friendly finger foods to wholesome adult options, simplifies healthy eating without compromising taste or variety.

The commitment to quality is evident in every dish, prepared with fresh ingredients and ready to enjoy with minimal effort. By having nutritious meals delivered straight to your doorstep, alleviates the stress of meal preparation, seamlessly merging convenience with a dedication to health.

With flexible pricing plans and a diverse menu catering to various age groups and dietary needs, makes healthy eating accessible and affordable for families. Whether you’re transitioning your little one to solids, revitalizing snack time, or seeking nutritious options for adults, Nurture Life offers a comprehensive solution for all.

In essence, not only transforms mealtime but also nourishes the bodies and minds of growing children, laying the foundation for a lifetime of health and wellness.

Where To Find It?

You can BUY it directly from the Official Website