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Lenovo Loq Gaming Laptop Review – What Our Expert Says

Lenovo Loq gaming laptop is a powerful and versatile machine perfect for gamers, creative professionals, and anyone who demands the best performance.

CR Staff
By Updated: 2023, Nov 29

As a consumer review expert, I’ve thoroughly examined Lenovo LOQ Gaming Laptop and can provide an in-depth analysis of its key features and performance. Here’s a comprehensive assessment from my perspective:

Lenovo Loq Gaming Laptop Review – What Our Expert Says

Lenovo has recently unveiled its latest gaming laptop, the Lenovo LOQ, which is positioned as an excellent option for gamers seeking both portability and affordability. In this review, we’ll delve into five compelling reasons why this laptop deserves your consideration.

Quick Summary

Image Product Description Price
Lenovo Loq Gaming Laptop Lenovo Loq Gaming Laptop The Lenovo Loq Gaming Laptop is a powerful gaming machine designed for high-performance gaming experiences. It features a fast processor, high-end graphics card, and a high-refresh-rate display for smooth gameplay.

Key Features: LOQ Laptop

Feature Description
Powerful processor The LOQ comes equipped with the latest Intel Core i7 processor, ensuring fast and responsive gameplay.
High-speed RAM With up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM, you can expect smooth multitasking and quick loading times.
Ultra-fast storage The laptop offers both SSD and HDD options, providing ample storage space for your games and files while ensuring lightning-fast boot times.
Stunning display The LOQ features a vibrant Full HD display with a high refresh rate, allowing for fluid visuals and immersive gameplay.
Advanced cooling system To keep temperatures in check during intense gaming sessions, Lenovo has incorporated an efficient cooling system that prevents overheating.

Design and Build Quality: Lenovo Loq Gaming Laptop

The Lenovo LOQ makes an impressive first impression with its design and build quality. Despite being constructed primarily from plastic, it manages to maintain a solid and durable feel. The storm gray color scheme and subtle blue accents contribute to an understated and minimalist aesthetic, which is a departure from the flashy gaming laptops we often encounter.

Notably, the hinge stands out as robust and dependable, meeting MIL-STD-810H US military-grade standards. This laptop excels in the design department, avoiding the gaudy gamer aesthetic commonly associated with gaming laptops.

Port Selection:

Lenovo Loq Gaming Laptop Ports

Lenovo has thoughtfully addressed the needs of gamers by offering an extensive range of ports. On the left side, you’ll find a 3.5 mm mic combo jack and a USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 port, which supports up to 140 Watts USB-C charging and a DisplayPort 1.4. On the right side, a physical camera disengage switch has been intelligently placed, offering added privacy. Additionally, a USB 3.2 Gen 1 port is available.

For those who require even more connectivity options, the rear of the laptop features two USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, an Ethernet port, an HDMI 2.1 port (supporting up to an 8K 60Hz screen), and a proprietary Lenovo DC-in connector for 170-watt fast charging. Lenovo’s inclusion of this extensive port selection eliminates the need for cumbersome dongles and adapters, catering directly to the gaming community’s requirements.

Keyboard and Touchpad of Lenovo Loq Gaming Laptop

Lenovo Loq Gaming Laptop Keypad

Gamers interact with their laptops primarily through the keyboard and touchpad, making these components crucial. The Lenovo LOQ’s keyboard is noteworthy for its full-size layout, including arrow keys, and the addition of a full number pad on the side.

The keys offer tactile feedback with a satisfying 1.5mm travel distance. Users can also customize the backlighting, providing a touch of personalization. The touchpad is impressively responsive and precise, suitable even for those who prefer trackpads over external mice. Overall, Lenovo has excelled in providing a comfortable and user-friendly input experience.

Lenovo Loq Gaming Laptop Display

lenovo loq gaming laptop display

The laptop’s display options cater to a variety of user preferences. The 165Hz WQHD IPS panel stands out, offering 100% sRGB color accuracy and vivid visuals during gaming sessions. Although the brightness is capped at 350 nits, which may not suffice for outdoor use, the main highlight is the smoothness of the 165Hz refresh rate.

Gamers will appreciate the lack of screen tearing, thanks to Nvidia G-Sync compatibility. It’s worth noting that while some may question the need for a 165Hz display, the improved color reproduction and resolution enhance the overall gaming experience, making it a valuable addition for those seeking an immersive gameplay environment.

Performance of Lenovo Loq Gaming Laptop

Lenovo has packed the LOQ with impressive hardware options. The laptop features up to a 13th generation Intel Core i7-13700H processor, ensuring that it keeps pace with the latest technology trends.

We found that, during testing processor The mid-tier Intel Core i5-13420H processor offers eight cores, a significant improvement over previous generations, and boasts 12 megabytes of Intel Smart Cache. With a maximum turbo frequency of 4.6 gigahertz, this processor provides substantial processing power. For users demanding even more power, the Intel Core i7-13700H processor is available, offering 14 cores, 24 megabytes of Intel Smart Cache, and a maximum turbo frequency of 5.0 gigahertz.

The inclusion of DDR5 RAM rated at 5200 megahertz and PCIe Gen 4 SSDs ensures top-tier performance and future-proofing. Importantly, Lenovo’s commitment to user upgradability is commendable, with user-accessible RAM and SSD slots, allowing for customization and longevity.

Display Options

When it comes to gaming laptops, the display is a crucial factor that can greatly enhance the gaming experience. Lenovo’s LOQ gaming laptop offers a range of display options to cater to different preferences and needs.

Overview of Available Display Options for the Lenovo Loq Gaming Laptop

The Lenovo LOQ gaming laptop provides users with multiple choices when it comes to displays. As per our Display testing process. We found that, One of the key factors to consider is the refresh rate, which determines how smoothly the visuals will appear on the screen. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother and more fluid the gameplay will be.

In terms of resolution choices, Lenovo offers both 1080p and 1440p versions of the LOQ gaming laptop. The 1080p version provides a Full HD resolution, which delivers crisp visuals and vibrant colors. On the other hand, the 1440p screen offers even sharper details and a more immersive gaming experience.

Explanation of Refresh Rates and Resolution Choices

Refresh rate refers to the number of times per second that an image on the screen is refreshed or redrawn. It is measured in Hertz (Hz). Higher refresh rates result in smoother motion and reduced motion blur. The Lenovo LOQ gaming laptop offers refresh rates ranging from 60Hz to 165Hz, allowing gamers to choose the level of smoothness they desire.

Resolution, on the other hand, refers to the number of pixels displayed on the screen. A higher resolution means more pixels, resulting in sharper and more detailed visuals. The 1080p version of the Lenovo LOQ gaming laptop offers a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, while the 1440p version provides a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

Comparison Between Different Display Options

When comparing different display options for the Lenovo LOQ gaming laptop, it’s important to consider your specific needs and preferences. If you prioritize smooth gameplay and fast-paced action, opting for a higher refresh rate such as the 165Hz display would be ideal. On the other hand, if you value highly detailed visuals and a more immersive experience, the 1440p screen would be a great choice.

In terms of price and performance, the Lenovo LOQ gaming laptop offers an affordable gaming experience without compromising on quality. When compared to other best gaming laptops in its price range, the Lenovo LOQ stands out with its impressive display options and overall performance.

In conclusion, Lenovo’s LOQ gaming laptop provides gamers with a range of display options to suit their individual preferences. Whether you prioritize smooth gameplay or highly detailed visuals, there is an option available for you. With its affordable price point and impressive performance, the Lenovo LOQ is certainly worth considering for gamers in search of a reliable and immersive gaming experience.

Keyboard and Touchpad

When it comes to gaming laptops, the quality of the keyboard and touchpad can significantly impact the overall gaming experience. Lenovo’s LOQ gaming laptop doesn’t disappoint in this aspect. Let’s take a closer look at the keyboard and touchpad quality, ergonomics and comfort, as well as key travel, responsiveness, and customization options.

Evaluation of the Keyboard and Touchpad Quality

Lenovo has put great attention to detail in designing the keyboard of the LOQ gaming laptop. As per our keyboard and Touchpad Quality testing process. We found that, The keys are well-spaced and have a satisfying tactile feedback, allowing for precise and comfortable typing during long gaming sessions. The backlit keys also make it easier to navigate in low-light environments.

The touchpad on the LOQ gaming laptop is equally impressive. It offers smooth and accurate tracking, which is vital for precise cursor movements during gameplay or general computer use. The touchpad’s sensitivity can be adjusted to suit individual preferences, ensuring a personalized experience for every user.

Ergonomics and Comfort

Gaming sessions can often last for hours, so it’s crucial to have a comfortable keyboard and touchpad setup. Lenovo understands this need and has designed the LOQ gaming laptop with ergonomics in mind. The keyboard is well-positioned with an optimal tilt angle, reducing strain on the wrists and fingers.

The touchpad is also conveniently located within easy reach of your hands, allowing for effortless navigation without having to stretch or strain your fingers.

Key Travel, Responsiveness, and Customization Options

The key travel on the LOQ gaming laptop is just right – not too shallow that it feels uncomfortable, but not too deep that it slows down your typing speed. This balance ensures a pleasant typing experience while maintaining quick responsiveness for gaming commands.

Additionally, Lenovo provides customization options for the keyboard, allowing users to remap keys or create macros for specific gaming functions. This level of flexibility enables gamers to optimize their gameplay by assigning commands to their preferred keys, enhancing their overall gaming performance.

In conclusion, the keyboard and touchpad of Lenovo’s LOQ gaming laptop excel in quality, ergonomics, and customization options. Whether you’re typing up a document or engaging in intense gaming sessions, the comfortable keyboard layout and responsive touchpad will undoubtedly enhance your overall experience.

Graphics Performance

When it comes to gaming laptops, best graphics card is a crucial aspect that can make or break the gaming experience. Lenovo’s LOQ gaming laptop shines in this department with its impressive graphics capabilities.

Overview of the Nvidia RTX 4060 GPU

The Lenovo LOQ gaming laptop is equipped with the powerful Nvidia RTX 4060 GPU. According to our Graphics Cards Testing process This graphics card is specifically designed for gaming and offers exceptional performance. It utilizes advanced ray-tracing technology and AI capabilities to deliver stunning visuals and realistic lighting effects. With the RTX 4060, you can expect smooth gameplay even in demanding titles.

Benchmark Results and Gaming Performance

In terms of benchmark results, the Lenovo LOQ gaming laptop excels. It consistently delivers high frame rates and smooth gameplay across a wide range of games. Whether you’re playing AAA titles or engaging in intense multiplayer battles, the RTX 4060 ensures that you won’t miss a beat.

To put it into perspective, let’s compare the Lenovo LOQ with other graphics cards in the same price range. When tested against similar laptops with different GPUs, the RTX 4060 outperforms its competitors in terms of frame rates and overall gaming performance. This makes it an ideal choice for gamers who prioritize an immersive and lag-free gaming experience.

Comparison with Other Graphics Cards in the Same Price Range

When comparing the Nvidia RTX 4060 with other graphics cards in the same price range, it stands out as one of the best options available. Its performance rivals that of higher-end GPUs while maintaining an affordable price point. This makes the Lenovo LOQ gaming laptop an attractive choice for gamers on a budget who still want to enjoy high-quality visuals and smooth gameplay.

In addition to its impressive performance, the RTX 4060 also supports advanced features such as DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) and real-time ray tracing. These technologies enhance visual fidelity and bring games to life with stunning details and lifelike lighting effects.

In conclusion, the graphics performance of the Lenovo LOQ gaming laptop, powered by the Nvidia RTX 4060 GPU, is nothing short of exceptional. It delivers outstanding frame rates, smooth gameplay, and supports advanced features that enhance the overall gaming experience. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore enthusiast, this affordable gaming laptop is sure to impress.

Pros and Cons of Lenovo Loq Gaming Laptop


  • Fast and responsive gameplay
  • Smooth multitasking
  • Ample storage space
  • Vibrant Full HD display
  • Efficient cooling system


  • Limited Battery Life
  • Bulkier Design
  • xxx
  • Higher Price Range


In summary, the Lenovo LOQ gaming laptop offers a powerful and immersive gaming experience with its impressive features and specifications. Throughout this review, we have covered various aspects of the laptop, including its design and build quality, display options, keyboard and touchpad, as well as graphics performance.

The design and build quality of the Lenovo LOQ gaming laptop is exceptional. It showcases a sleek and modern design that is sure to impress gamers. The laptop is made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and sturdiness for long-term use.

When it comes to display options, the Lenovo LOQ gaming laptop provides users with a range of choices. With different refresh rates and resolution options available, gamers can customize their visual experience according to their preferences and gaming needs.

The keyboard and touchpad of the Lenovo LOQ gaming laptop are also worth mentioning. They offer great ergonomics and comfort for extended gaming sessions. The key travel is satisfying, providing a responsive typing experience. Additionally, customization options allow users to personalize their keyboard settings for enhanced gameplay.

Graphics performance is where the Lenovo LOQ truly shines. Equipped with the Nvidia RTX 4060 GPU, this laptop delivers exceptional gaming performance with smooth frame rates and stunning visuals. Benchmark results highlight its capabilities compared to other graphics cards in the same price range.

In conclusion, the Lenovo LOQ gaming laptop is an excellent choice for gamers seeking a high-performance gaming device. Its outstanding design, display options, keyboard and touchpad quality, and graphics performance make it a top contender in the market. Depending on your target audience and specific use cases, we highly recommend considering the Lenovo LOQ as your next gaming laptop investment.

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