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The Best Eye Creams and Serums – Recommended By Experts & Users

Are late nights wreaking havoc on your skin? Here are the best eye serums for wrinkles and dark circles that actually work.

The skin covering the eye region is 40% thinner than that of other body parts. This explains why our under-eye skin is super delicate.

This skin is also more porous and more susceptible to environmental damage.

As such, experts recommend that when choosing your under-eye cream, don’t go just for anything the market offers.

An effective under-eye cream or eye serum should be designed specifically for the delicate skin around the eye. In this view, it should be a bit thick to provide that additional protective layer.

Also, you expect your cream to contain more oil than a regular facial lotion. Prime eye creams tend to have more active ingredients that focus on the problems we see around the eyes.

Well, eye creams should be a regular beauty regime whether you have dry, combination, or oily skin and whether you’re in your 20s or enjoying your 50s, there’s no excuse for that.

However, get this right, the ingredients featured in any cream are what really matter.

So if you want to erase those unsightly under-eye fine lines, treat puffy eyes, or under-eye wrinkles, the rule of thumb is, at least get the most top-rated eye cream with clinically tested ingredients.

Eye Cream and Eye Serum

Why Use an Eye Cream and Eye Serum?

Unlike regular face serums, eye creams or eye serums use a lighter formula. This is one aspect that makes them effective in restoring and maintaining the delicate skin around the eyes.

The other specific benefit is, the best eye cream for fine lines and wrinkles tends to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Having certain ingredients absorb directly into the skin around the eyes provides cover to key muscles that are ever in perpetual motion.

Our eyes blink more than 10,000 times from the time we wake up to the time we sleep. This together with other factors such as the force of gravity eventually causes the skin to lose its vitality.

In other words, squinting and constant movement of the eyes leads to the appearance of lines and wrinkles along with puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.

Fortunately, some top eye creams and eye serums have been seen to help address some of these issues.

However, since not all products are created the same, you’ll need to be very keen when choosing the eye cream for you.

Which Eye Cream and Serum Should I Use?

With so many eye cream options available on the market, it is difficult to pick the right one for you if you don’t know what to check for.

First, look out for the best eye cream and best eye serum for dark circles and puffiness that directly answers your concerns.

Whether you want a good skin hydrant, or want to diminish the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, or some combination of all of these, the product should match your need.

Or, maybe you have sensitive skin or are looking for an affordable eye cream that contains super brightening powers, ensure that’s what you’ll gain from it.

Eye Serum > Eye Cream

It’s easy to assume eye serums and eye creams mean the same thing but that is not the case.

These a completely two different skincare products, when it comes to their formula composition and overall results.

Eye serums are often richer in skin-supporting ingredients, more penetrative, and offer repair benefits for tissues deeper inside on the skin, unlike its counterpart. This is why the results for serums tend to be longer-lasting.

In precise, the reason why experts recommend using a good eye serum over an eye cream include:

  • Your under eye wrinkles tend to clear faster
  • Serums deliver the much-needed nutrients deeper into the skin which offers restorative benefits
  • It can cause your skin to regain elasticity and firmness more naturally
  • Your puffiness and eye bags get to reduce in appearance faster
  • Better and longer-lasting results when treating Crows Feet

Again, you are better off when you choose the best eye serum that works if you specifically want to deal with age-related eye skin issues.

Top Ingredients To Look For In an Eye Cream or Eye Serum

You know a product would work on slowing aging symptoms if it helps increase key components in your skin’s composition as well as help the skin stay hydrated long enough to help it self-repair. As such, focus on products with the following ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic Acid It is a popular ingredient in most top-rated eye serums due to its moisture retention capability. Besides, it actively supports collagen production as one review article in the journal Dermato Endocrinology suggests. With all these benefits combined, this ingredient keeps the skin plump and alive.
  • CaffeineIt is shown to specifically support blood vessel health when used together with other ingredients. This helps reduce puffiness around the eye region and reduces inflammation on the skin. A study appearing in the journal Advanced Biomedical Research reports that there was a notable improvement in the depth of wrinkles and dark circles on women who used a formula with caffeine for four weeks.
  • Tri-Peptide Complex It is a compound ingredient made of age-defying peptides which including Acetyl Octapeptide-3, Pentapeptide-18, and Acetyl Hexapeptide-3. One review article at Oregon State University’s site indicates that peptides offer photoprotection benefits as well as reduces photoaging.
  • Barley Extract This extract is very rich in vitamins and minerals that help the skin to glow and brighten. Besides, it’s also a strong antioxidant that plays an active role in keeping the skin deeply moisturized which helps to improve the skin’s overall quality, according to a review article in the journal Clinical Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology.
  • KinetinIt is a widely used chemical ingredient in the skincare industry because of its anti-aging benefits. In plants, it supports tissue growth but has shown notable benefits on human skin such as reducing skin roughness, diminishing fine wrinkles, and promoting skin evenness, according to a publication in the journal Annals of Dermatology.

Ingredients To Avoid

  • Sulfates This particular synthetic ingredient can cause skin problems like acne, irritate sensitive skin, and block skin breathers or pores. A study in the journal Contact Dermatitis which focused on the long-term use of topical irritants warns on these specific sulfate related consequences. Besides, it has also been associated with causing a depletion of healthy skin oils and nutrients.
  • Petroleum New research points out that petroleum is toxic to the skin in that it hinders healthy absorption of important components including minerals and vitamins. In fact, a review article in the journal Cureus lists it as a potential carcinogenic agent, which means it can cause cancer.

What Else To Consider When Buying Eye Serum

  • Cost of the product A product that costs too cheap raises the question of quality, while one that’s too expensive would always be un-affordable. A good eye serum or cream would have a reasonable price tag.
  • Is it safe? Do a bit of research to establish whether the product comes with potential side effects, especially after long term use, or if it is safe?
  • Compatible with your skin Products that are non-reactive on all skin types are more advisable, so go for a serum or eye cream that would be compatible with your skin.
  • How easy is it get to get in touch with the manufacturer? Check to see whether the producer is a well-known company, has an official website, and have shared their details. This shows they trust what they are selling

Beware Of Amazon Reviews

While customer feedback is an aspect you may want to check when choosing an anti-aging product, it’s important to know that not all reviews are genuine.

In fact, over 60% of Amazon’s customer reviews are paid for and not based on true customer experience.

These fake reviews can easily lure you into purchasing an ineffective eye serum or eye cream.

In short, focus on the facts about a product – details such as its ingredients, safety, skin compatibility, and how transparent the company behind a product is.

The Bottom Line

Eye cream and serum with Hyaluronic acid hydrates the most delicate skin on the face. So if you’re prone to fine lines and wrinkles, you can go look for a hydrating eye cream with this as one of its key active ingredients.

On the other hand, if your concerns are puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles, it’s best to find a mix of ingredients with reliable antioxidants, Hyaluronic acid, or add a retinol-based treatment into the mix.

In the table below we have done the homework for you and have compiled a few eye creams and eye serums that are more likely to answer your specific needs.

The good part is that these products already have a track record of delivering the promise.

For additional information on any of these top picks in the table below, check-up directly on the manufacturer’s website.

Customer Reviews for Best Eye Creams


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  1. Jason D.

    Your Rating:

    This serum removed my rash!
    I usually don’t get these types of skin issues at all, but over the last couple of months, I had developed an ugly rash over one of my eyes that I wasn’t able to get rid of no matter what I put on it. Enter DermaSet. This product took care of the problem after just days of use. Days! This is the most incredible skin product that I’ve ever used on my face. It worked better than the antibiotic cream I got from my doctor. Everyone should keep this product in the house. It just works! This is the best eye cream that I ever used.


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  2. Terry H

    Your Rating:

    I had a dark circle problem, but no more
    My name’s Terry, and I’ve been working as a high-level fashion model for a decade already. My appearance has always been impeccable in the past, but in the last few months, I’ve had dark circles under my eyes almost all the time. I get plenty of sleep, so I don’t know why this developed. This was really affecting my life profoundly to the extent that I lost a couple of modeling jobs because of it. That’s when I found this eye serum and started using it. This is a wonderful product that has helped tremendously to reduce the dark circles under my eyes. Thanks for saving me, DermaSet 3D Rollerball Eye Serum!


    You have already voted!

  3. Tierney U

    Your Rating:

    No more dark circles under my eyes! Yes, DermaSet!
    I’m an 18-year old girl who just graduated from high school a few months ago. At the moment I work at a retail clothing outlet full time, but my ambition is to be a model. I’ve always wanted to be a fashion model. I’m attractive enough, but there’s one thing about my appearance that has bothered me for a couple of years. For some reason I can’t understand, I have these dark circles under my eyes that never seem to go away. I started discussing this with a customer one day, and she told me about DermaSet. I’ve been using it for a month now, and I am in love with this cream! My dark circles are hardly even noticeable anymore. Yay DermaSet!


    You have already voted!

  4. Kate K

    Your Rating:

    DermaSet took care of those white spots
    My name is Kate, and I’m a 34-year old office manager. I developed these little white spots on my eyelids about a year ago, which my doctor said comes from too much fat in the blood. It’s true that I do love my fatty foods. I’ve tried to cut down, but the spots are still there. DermaSet was an experiment because honestly, I have tried so many of these products lately. That’s why I was shocked when those little white spots started going away. After I few weeks there are way less than there were before. I am so excited about this product! I love DermaSet so much!


    You have already voted!

  5. Lauren P.

    Your Rating:

    Absolutely love this product.
    I’m insane about my skincare first of all… so I don’t mind dropping whatever price tag… IF ITS GOING TO WORK!! And this is so lightweight, silky smooth, and does what it’s supposed to do. As someone who wears makeup every day I need an eye serum that will sit well under my makeup, and still give me the benefits that I need. Each morning and night when I apply this serum, it feels luxurious and I already see dramatic changes in my under eyes and especially the skin texture and firmness and fine lines that I’ve had for like 3 years already smoothing out in less than a week! I love this serum and I get excited to put it on each day.


    You have already voted!

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