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The Best All-in-One Printers for 2023

Top-performing all-in-one printers offer seamless printing, scanning, and copying. Fast, high-quality results with wireless connectivity enhance productivity.

CR Staff
By Updated: 2024, Jan 31

Hello there, tech enthusiasts! Today, we’re going to delve into the world of all-in-one printers. As the name suggests, these are not your regular printers. They are multitaskers that can print, scan, copy, and in some cases, even fax. They’ve become a staple in both homes and offices due to their convenience and efficiency. The beauty of all-in-one printers lies in their versatility. They’re ideal for businesses that require a range of document handling tasks, as well as for home use, where space might be limited. Instead of having separate machines for each function, you can have everything in one compact device.

The Best All-in-One Printers for 2023
best all in one printers

What are All-in-One Printers?

Let’s break it down. All-in-one printers, also known as multifunction printers, combine the capabilities of several devices into one. They can print, scan, copy, and some models even have fax capabilities. They come in different types, including inkjet and laser printers, each with its own pros and cons.

An all-in-one printer is a fantastic tool for efficiency and cost-saving. Instead of buying and maintaining separate devices for each function, you get everything in one package. Plus, they’re a great space saver, ideal for small offices or workspaces.

So, whether you’re running a business that requires daily printing, scanning, and copying, or you just need a reliable printer for home use, an all-in-one printer could be your best bet.

Benefits of Using an All-in-One Printer

Beyond their multitasking capabilities, all-in-one printers come with several other benefits. Firstly, they save you money in the long run. Yes, they might cost a bit more upfront compared to standard printers, but when you factor in the cost of buying a separate scanner, photocopier, and fax machine, you’ll see the savings.
Secondly, they save on space. If you’re working in a small office or your home, having one device that does it all can help you declutter and organize your workspace better. Plus, it’s less hassle with fewer cables and power outlets needed.
Lastly, all-in-one printers can improve productivity. You don’t have to shift from one device to another to complete your tasks, which can be time-consuming and disruptive. With an all-in-one printer, everything is in one place, making your work more streamlined and efficient.

Important Features to Look for in an All-in-One Printer

When shopping for an all-in-one printer, there are several important features to consider. First, determine what functions you need. Do you need fax capabilities? Or is printing, scanning, and copying enough for your needs?

Next, consider the printer’s speed and capacity. If you’ll be printing a lot of documents, you’ll want a printer that can handle the workload without slowing down. Check out the printer’s pages per minute (PPM) rate and the paper capacity.

Also, think about the printer’s connectivity options. Most modern printers offer wireless printing, which is a great feature for convenience and flexibility. Some also offer cloud printing, allowing you to print from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.

Quick Summary

Image Product Description Price
Canon imageClass MF455dw All-in-One Monochrome Laser Printer with Duplex Printing and Wireless Connectivity
Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8500 Wireless Color All-in-One Supertank Printer High-quality Photo Printing with EcoTank Supertank Technology
Canon Maxify GX4020 Wireless Color Inkjet All-in-One Printer for Small Business and Home Office
Canon Pixma G7020 MegaTank All-in-One MegaTank Ink System for High-Volume Printing and Duplex Printing Capability
Brother MFC-J4335DW Wireless Color Inkjet All-in-One Printer with Duplex Printing and Mobile Device Printing

The Research

How we tested?

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience and efficiency are paramount. All-in-one printers, often referred to as multi-function printers (MFPs), have emerged as versatile solutions that cater to the printing, scanning, copying, and sometimes faxing needs of both home and office environments. This article explores the process of testing and selecting an all-in-one printer, as well as determining the ideal user for this multifunctional device.

Print Quality: We examined the printer’s output quality for both text and images, considering factors like sharpness, color accuracy, and resolution.

Printing Speed: The speed at which the printer produces documents is crucial, especially in office environments. We tested printing speeds for different types of documents, from plain text to complex graphics.

Scanning and Copying: Evaluating the quality of scanned documents and copies is essential. We assessed how well the scanner reproduces colors, details, and text.

Connectivity Options: All-in-one printers come with various connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB. We tested these options for ease of setup and stable connections.

Mobile Printing: With the prevalence of mobile devices, compatibility with mobile printing apps and services was a key consideration.

Paper Handling: Different printers offer varying paper capacities and support for different paper sizes. We tested these features to ensure they align with users’ needs.

User Interface: Intuitive menus and touchscreens contribute to a better user experience. We evaluated the ease of navigation and customization options.

Software and Drivers: The accompanying software can greatly enhance the printer’s functionality. We tested the user-friendliness and features of the provided software.

How we picked?

Choosing the right all-in-one printer depends on individual requirements. Based on our testing and evaluations, we looked for the following attributes when picking the best options:

Performance: Print speed, scan quality, and overall reliability were key performance indicators.

Connectivity: A wide range of connectivity options allows users to seamlessly integrate the printer into their existing setup.

Cost-Effectiveness: We considered the printer’s initial cost, ongoing maintenance expenses, and ink or toner efficiency.

Versatility: The printer’s ability to handle various tasks such as duplex printing, borderless photo printing, and automatic document feeding was important.

User Experience: An intuitive user interface and straightforward setup process contribute to a positive experience.

Who should get this?

All-in-one printers are ideal for individuals and businesses seeking convenience, space-saving solutions, and versatility. Here are some potential users who can benefit from these devices:

Home Users: Families and individuals who need to print school assignments, photos, and documents will find the all-in-one printer’s versatility invaluable.

Small Offices: Startups and small businesses can benefit from the printer’s ability to print, scan, and copy, meeting various office needs in one device.

Students: Students often require a combination of printing, scanning, and copying capabilities for their academic endeavors.

Creative Professionals: Designers, photographers, and artists can appreciate the ability to print high-quality images and artwork, as well as scan and copy their work.

Remote Workers: With the rise of remote work, professionals working from home can have all their essential office functions consolidated in a single device.

All-in-One Printer Reviews

Canon imageClass MF455dw

Canon imageClass MF455dw

  • What We Like

    When it comes to reliable printer manufacturers, Canon is a name that often comes up. The Canon imageClass MF455dw is a testament to the quality the brand is known for. We love its fast printing speed and high-quality prints. Plus, its user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone in the office to use.

  • What We Don’t Like

    While there’s a lot to love about the MF455dw, it’s not without its flaws. The initial setup can be a bit complex, and the cost of toner can add up over time.

Product Specifications

Print Speed Up to 28 ppm (color and black-and-white)
Paper Capacity Up to 900 sheets
Dimensions 17.8 x 18.1 x 15.4 inches


  • Fast print speed
  • High-quality prints
  • User-friendly interface


  • Complex initial setup
  • Cost of toner
Our Score

Our Verdict

The Canon imageClass MF455dw is a great all-in-one printer for small offices. It’s reliable, easy to use, and offers excellent print quality. While the initial setup can be a bit complex, it’s a small price to pay for the convenience and functionality the printer offers.

Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8500 Wireless Color All-in-One Supertank Printer

Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8500

  • What We Like

    The Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8500 printer is a dream come true for any small office. This all-in-one printer is small in size but big on features. It offers incredible printing capabilities with crisp, clear images and text. The wireless functionality is a huge plus, allowing for easy printing from any device in the office.

  • What We Don’t Like

    Despite its many positives, the ET-8500 does have a few drawbacks. The initial setup can be a bit tricky for those who aren’t tech-savvy, and the ink can be a bit on the pricey side.

Product Specifications

Print Speed Up to 15.8 ppm (black-and-white), 11.3 ppm (color)
Paper Capacity Up to 250 sheets
Dimensions 17.3 x 27.6 x 13.0 inches


  • Excellent print quality
  • Fast print speed
  • Convenient wireless printing


  • Tricky initial setup
  • Relatively high cost of replacement ink
Our Score

Our Verdict

Overall, the Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8500 is an excellent all-in-one printer for small offices. It offers a range of features that cater to the needs of a small office, and despite a few drawbacks, its benefits far outweigh its cons.

Canon Maxify GX4020

Canon Maxify GX4020

  • What We Like

    The Canon Maxify GX4020 impresses with its fast printing speed and high-quality output. It’s designed for small to medium-sized businesses and can churn out 24 pages per minute. It also has a large paper capacity of 350 sheets, which is a huge plus for busy offices.

  • What We Don’t Like

    The Maxify GX4020 falls short in its lack of a touchscreen interface, which can make navigating the printer’s features a bit cumbersome. It also lacks a built-in fax feature, which might be a dealbreaker for some businesses.

Product Specifications

Dimensions 16.9 x 15 x 9.3 inches
Print Resolution 1200 x 600 dpi


  • Fast printing speed
  • High paper capacity
  • Duplex printing


  • Lack of touchscreen interface
  • Lack of built-in fax feature
Our Score

Our Verdict

If speed and paper capacity are important to you, the Canon Maxify GX4020 is a solid choice. Just keep in mind that it lacks some features found in other all-in-one printers.

Canon Pixma G7020 MegaTank All-in-One

Canon Pixma G7020

  • What We Like

    The Canon Pixma G7020 MegaTank All-in-One is a real workhorse. It’s designed for high-volume printing, which is perfect for small businesses. The MegaTank feature means it can print up to 6,000 black text pages or 7,700 color pages from one set of ink bottles. And it’s not just about quantity. The print quality is excellent, with crisp text and vibrant color reproduction.

  • What We Don’t Like

    While the MegaTank feature is impressive, it can be a little tricky to refill, especially for those not familiar with this type of system. Also, while it’s a robust printer overall, it lacks an automatic document feeder, which could slow down large scanning or copying jobs.

Product Specifications

Print Resolution 4800 x 1200 dpi (maximum color)
Dimensions 15.9 x 14.6 x 7.7 inches


  • High-volume printing
  • Excellent print quality
  • Cost-effective ink system


  • Lack of automatic document feeder
  • Potentially messy refilling process
Our Score

Our Verdict

If your small office needs high-volume, high-quality printing, the Canon Pixma G7020 is an excellent choice. Just be prepared for a bit of a learning curve with the MegaTank system.

Brother MFC-J4335DW

Brother MFC-J4335DW

  • What We Like

    The Brother MFC-J4335DW is a fantastic all-in-one printer for small offices. It offers fast printing speeds and high-quality prints. It also has a large paper capacity, which is great for busy offices.

  • What We Don’t Like

    One downside is that it doesn’t have fax capabilities. So if this is something you need, you might have to look elsewhere. Also, its color printing isn’t the best, which could be an issue if you often print color documents or photos.

Product Specifications

Print Speed Up to 20 ppm (black and white), 11 ppm (color)
Paper Capacity Up to 250 sheets


  • Affordable
  • Fast
  • Large paper capacity


  • Lacks fax capabilities
  • Decent color printing
Our Score

Our Verdict

Overall, the Brother MFC-J4335DW is a great all-in-one printer for small offices. It offers excellent value for money and can handle a high volume of printing. If you don’t need fax capabilities and are okay with decent (but not exceptional) color printing, it’s definitely worth considering.

Comparison Table

Feature Canon imageClass MF455dw Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8500 Canon Maxify GX4020 Canon Pixma G7020 Brother MFC-J4335DW
Image Canon MF455dw Epson ET-8500 Canon GX4020 Canon G7020 Brother MFC-J4335DW
Print speed Up to 27 ppm black, 16 ppm color Up to 15 ipm black, 10 ipm color Up to 24 ppm black, 15 ppm color Up to 15.5 ipm black, 10.5 ipm color Up to 20 ppm black, 12 ppm color
Print resolution Up to 1200 x 2400 dpi Up to 5760 x 1440 dpi Up to 4800 x 1200 dpi Up to 5760 x 1440 dpi Up to 6000 x 1200 dpi
Copy speed Up to 24 cpm black, 15 cpm color Up to 23 cpm black, 15 cpm color Up to 24 cpm black, 15 cpm color Up to 23 cpm black, 15 cpm color Up to 20 cpm black, 12 cpm color
Scan speed Up to 30 ipm black, 20 ipm color Up to 30 ipm black, 20 ipm color Up to 30 ipm black, 20 ipm color Up to 30 ipm black, 20 ipm color Up to 24 ipm black, 15 ipm color
Paper handling 250-sheet input tray, 100-sheet output tray 250-sheet input tray, 100-sheet output tray 250-sheet input tray, 100-sheet output tray 250-sheet input tray, 100-sheet output tray 200-sheet input tray, 100-sheet output tray
Wireless connectivity Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile printing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ink/toner cost Low Very low Low Low Low
Warranty 1 year limited warranty 2 years limited warranty 1 year limited warranty 1 year limited warranty 1 year limited warranty

Buying Guide: Best All-in-One Printers

Firstly, assess your needs

Determine the volume of printing you anticipate, the types of documents you’ll produce (text, photos, graphics), and whether color or black-and-white capabilities are essential.

Secondly, consider print speed and quality

A printer with a suitable speed for your workload is crucial, and higher print resolution ensures clear text and detailed images. If photo printing is important, prioritize a printer with a high DPI (dots per inch).

Wireless connectivity

Ensure wireless connectivity options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to enable seamless printing from smartphones and tablets. Confirm mobile printing support with AirPrint and Google Cloud Print for direct mobile device printing.

Paper handling and capacity

Check for features like automatic document feeders (ADF) for efficient scanning and copying of multiple pages. Consider the paper handling capacity and if it accommodates your common paper sizes.

Duplex printing and touchscreen interface

Prioritize printers with duplex printing to save paper. A user-friendly touchscreen interface simplifies navigation through settings and functions.

Brand reputation and reviews

Consider well-established brands known for quality and customer support. Online reviews and experiences can provide insights into real-world performance.

Additional features

Explore features like borderless printing, memory card slots, USB ports, and integrated cloud services for added convenience.


In conclusion, selecting the best all-in-one printer for your office or home demands careful consideration of various factors, including printing speed, print quality, paper handling, wireless connectivity, and overall functionality. We’ve explored a range of top-performing models to help guide your decision-making process.

The Canon imageClass MF455dw stands out for its exceptional print speed, high-quality output, and user-friendly interface. While its initial setup may require some effort, its reliable performance and excellent print quality make it a strong contender for small office environments.

For those seeking versatility and wireless convenience, the Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8500 is a notable choice. Despite a slightly tricky setup and ink costs, its impressive print quality and wireless capabilities make it an excellent option for small offices.

The Canon Maxify GX4020 shines with its rapid printing speed and substantial paper capacity, catering to the demands of busy workspaces. While lacking certain features like a touchscreen interface and built-in fax, its robust performance makes it a reliable choice for those valuing speed and volume.

If high-volume printing is your priority, the Canon Pixma G7020 MegaTank All-in-One offers an exceptional solution. Though the MegaTank refilling process can be a learning curve, its cost-effective ink system and impressive print quality make it a valuable asset for small businesses.

The Brother MFC-J4335DW delivers fast printing and ample paper capacity, albeit with some limitations such as the absence of fax capabilities and slightly subpar color printing. Still, its affordability and overall performance make it a worthwhile investment for small office setups.

In the end, the best all-in-one printer for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize speed, print quality, cost-effectiveness, or particular features, the reviewed models provide a diverse array of options to suit various office environments. By carefully weighing the pros and cons of each printer, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your printing requirements and enhances your overall productivity.